Amotefen (ah-MO-teh-fen)


Perhaps the most notorious Paref, certainly the most in recent memory, Paref Amotefen VI was initially seen as the saviour of Mahat, since he was the man who managed to wrestle power back from the Esybians. Amotefen believed that the sun god, Tefen, should be the only god worshiped. He decided to go to the eastern slopes of the Matawe mountains and build a great city dedicated to Tefen there (modern day Hattute).

Considering all foreigners to be unwanted after the Esybian invasion, Amotefen began a campaign to have some - specifically Gogepe - rounded up and exiled, or killed. The Gogepe received the rather brutal punishment of being bronzed while still alive. The 'living statues' were brought to Amotefen's great city to line the main boulevard.

Finally, Amotefen, decreed that all temples dedicated to others gods should be torn down.

To the west the King of Matawe at the time, Hatturigus, considered all the mountains his kingdom and felt like Mahat was encroaching on his territory. To the east the general of Amotefen's army, Thess, thought the Paref had lost his mind and conspired to depose him. Between Hatturigus leading attacks on supply caravans, and Thess being crowned Paref and making Sareeb his capitol, Amotefen's city was soon abandoned, as well as his monotheistic religion.


Amotefen Royal Family