Harami (ha-RAH-me)

A young princess from the Sea Mahat.

Life Before the Series


As a child living in a palace, Harami knew a life of no hardships.


She is the daughter of King Utarna. She has an older brother and older sister, Merneith.

Mahat Royal Family Orope

In the Novels


After the death of Paref Rama V, Harami travels north to Nepata in the Mountain Mahat with her family. Her older sister, Merneith, is to become the wife of Rama VI.

With her family, Harami travels up the Hiperu on golden barges. During a stay along the shore, she meets Kareth. Although they cannot speak the same language, they quickly become friends.

Physical Description

A young girl around 10 or 11 years old. As described in her first appearance: "She wore a sheer white tunic, folded and pleated, that went down just past her knees, the sleeves wide and barely reaching her elbows. Around her neck was a heavy thick gold necklaces, decorated with turquoise and jasper beads shaped into the pattern of a bird spreading its wings. Her black hair was thick and combed straight, cut at her shoulders, save for a single braid from the side of her head that went to her waist, tied with a golden cord. On one of her forearms she wore a bracelet shaped like a snake winding its way up her arm. Even her sandals were tipped with gold. Her face had been coloured with soft shades of red and bright coral, the colour of cacti lined her eyes, making them seem wider and brighter... She stepped out of the shade... the sun instantly making all the gold she wore sparkle. Her skin, ever so gently bronzed, looked pale compared to [others]."[1]

The next day she is seen wearing "an entirely new set of jewels, just as grand and colourful, but this time the wide necklace around her neck was only lines of beads, and she wore two identical bracelets on her arms, wide gold bands with a sparkling watery stone set in the middle. Her tunic, although similar, had a fold of lilac cloth in it now."[2]


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