Imotah (E-mo-tah)

As the tzati overseeing the affairs of Paref Rama VI's home, the Palace of the Rising Sun, Imotah is one of the most powerful men in Mahat. Imotah is also the great uncle of Rama VI.

Before the Series

Imotah has enjoyed a long life with nearly unlimited power. Most of his life he was lived in the Mountain Mahat capitol, Nepata. He is unmarried, and whether or not he has children is something often debated by other nobles.

Family Tree

Mahat Royal Family Orope

In the Novels


Imotah meets the Whisperers Tersh and Kareth who are travelling with Samaki - an acquaintance of his, since Samaki would often import the Paref Rama V's favourite wine. Intrigued by the Whisperers Imotah agrees to help Kareth gain an audience with his grand-nephew the Paref.

Physical Description

Despite his high position, Imotah is subtle in his appearance: "his clothes seemed very simple compared to the women he walked with. He wore beautiful shining white linen, but his silver belt was small and understated. He wore only a few rings. His copper wig didn’t have any gold woven into the strands."[1] He is also described as not being attractive, with a "weak chin and elongated head" and being "tall and chubby... his eyes were too close together and his nose too big. He wore a plain wig, the hair cut to shoulder-length with straight bangs, as was the usual style, and on his chin he wore a braided beard that stuck out like a horn."[2]


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