Merneith (mur-NAYTH)

Eldest daughter of Utarna, King of the Sea Mahat, and sister of Harami.

Life Before the Series

As long as she could remember, Merneith knew she would one day be the wife of the Paref - though she was never sure which one, as the current Paref (Rama V) had several sons. When it was finally confirmed that Rama VI would take the throne after his father, it was decided Merneith would travel to Nepata and join him.

Family Tree

Mahat Royal Family Orope

In the Novels


Along with her family, Merneith travels on golden barges up the Hiperu to Nepata.

Physical Description

"The young girl looked to be about about fourteen... She had a beautiful round face with wide dark eyes, and beneath her sheer white dress... [were] the dark circles of her nipples. She was covered in more jewels than the [other ladies of court]. At her neck was a thick necklace in the shape of a bird made entirely out of rubies, and her wig was made from golden thread."[1]


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